Thursday, October 13, 2011

Groundbreaking publication can help us live the faith

This summer, I was in Ukraine for the launch of Chrystos Nasha Pascha (Christ Our Passover), a book that’s making a major impact in the Ukrainian Catholic Church (UCC).

The publication of this book is groundbreaking. It is the first catechism commissioned by our Synod of Bishops, and signed by our Patriarch. Unlike earlier catechisms which were basically translations of Roman Catholic books, Chrystos Nasha Pascha is uniquely our own and brings us, in Patriarch Sviatoslav’s words, “to the highest level of teaching.” This work clearly conveys our Church’s distinctive identity and provides a much-needed resource for clergy and laity alike.

The book’s content (rooted in Scripture and writings of the Church Fathers) is divided into three parts: The Faith, Prayer and Life of the Church. Topics covered include liturgical practices, the Holy Sacraments, icons, the “Domestic Church” and personal prayer. Addressing the challenge of living our faith in a secular society, the Catechism provides much needed instruction on dealing with contemporary moral issues and the role of the Christian individual in society.

At the book launch in Lviv there was much excitement as authors of the Catechism and members of the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission, headed by Bishop Peter Stasiuk, presented Chrystos Nasha Pascha to the gathered bishops, priests and catechists.

As we begin the second year of Soul Food, our eparchial bulletin and blog, I am very pleased to share this news about this valuable new resource. Our editorial team will be turning to it in the coming months as we continue our mission of providing informative content on living our faith in modern times.

Chrystos Nasha Pascha has been published in Ukrainian with an English translation underway. The Ukrainian edition is available at The Basilian Press in Toronto (phone: 416-234-1212).

Iryna Galadza is Director of the Toronto Eparchy Catechetical Resource Centre, a teacher, mother, grandmother, and wife of Mitred Archpriest Roman Galadza, pastor of St. Elias Church, in Brampton, Ontario.

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